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In spring of 2011, the School Committee and Superintendent Maureen Marshall initiated a process to develop a replacement for the 2006 Strategic Plan. A broadbased group of community and school employees met to define the ideal future for NMRSD so that the administration might identify the strategies and objectives acquired to achieve the future, aiming for a school district that is highly effective in accomplishing its mission, financially strong and sustainable, and possessing an outstanding and unique reputation.

The goals and objectives contained in this document represent the work of more than one hundred individuals.

The Plan will guide the work of North Middlesex Regional School District. It will continue to evolve to meet our challenging needs and to address the changes in the world around us.

Strategic Goals

This strategic plan charts an exciting and inspiring path for the North Middlesex Regional School District that will build on our historic strengths and propel us in bold new directions. It provides a road map for excellence that will focus our energy, funding, and our human capital. The plan aims to establish the schools of the North Middlesex Regional School District firmly among the state’s top performers where student achievement in the traditional academic core is enhanced with educational opportunities designed to prepare all students for success in the 21st century.

Goal 1: To Teach What Matters Most

Provide distinctive, innovative, rigorous, and relevant academic Programs that challenge, inspire, and support our students as they prepare for successful citizenship in the 21st century world of work and service.

Our academic programs are our focus and the core of an NM education. Each must provide our students with the depth and breadth necessary to meet the challenges they will face as global citizens. Students must graduate prepared for the next step in their lives and for a lifetime of work, innovation and service. Our education must remain relevant and expand and change in order to address the complexities of an increasingly diverse and hyperconnected world. Our programs must also serve to distinguish North Middlesex from our peers both near and far.

Goal 2: To Expect All That Is Possible

To achieve all that is necessary, members of the NM school community must set and meet high expectations. To achieve all that is possible, all members of the NM school community must use their skill and talent to develop the unlimited potential of the students within their classrooms.

All stakeholders within the North Middlesex community must set high expectations for their schools and for themselves. Each must acknowledge that setting high expectations is the first step to fulfilling one’s potential and in creating a high performing school district.

Goal 3: To Guarantee Real Access and Student Engagement

Create a vibrant, collaborative, and successful academic community in which our work is focused on providing all students with the support required to actively participate in all school programs.

Our students are the primary focus of the North Middlesex Regional School District where every staff member takes responsibility for every child. We seek to ensure that all students have access to our educational programs. In order to ensure this access, we recognize we will need to make accommodations, not only for diverse student learning styles (multiple intelligences), but also for a student’s previous learning experiences. Making varied accommodations so that students might succeed strengthens our learning community and intentionally provides opportunities to students whose academic progress may not be strong, but whose motivations and academic promise is high.

Goal 4: To Build, Support, and Celebrate a Tolerant and Respectful School Community

Ensure that all within the NM school community respect and support an environment where all recognize that caring is what supports us in our common pursuits – care for our own and others’ uniqueness, consideration for another’s feelings, and care and concern for those who need our help and understanding.

At NM, we affirm the dignity of every person, and we listen to, learn from, and appreciate the experiences of all individuals both within and outside of our school community. Diversity is multi-faceted. It relates to women and men; people of different races, ethnicity, and religions; people with disabilities; people from different intellectual perspectives and socio-economic backgrounds; people of different sexual orientations; and people from around the globe. At NM, we are committed to creating and sustaining an interactive and supportive community in which all individuals feel part of a greater and purposeful whole.

Goal 5: To Recognize, Reward, and Invest in Outstanding Faculty and Staff

Develop and implement strategies that enable the district to continue to hire and retain an outstanding faculty and staff.

North Middlesex faculty and staff provide the foundation of an energetic and self-renewing teaching and learning environment. The success of NM schools depends upon their care and commitment and upon the care and commitment that is extended to them.

Goal 6: To Use Clear Metrics for Better Results

Identify, collect, and analyze data to set priorities with clear expectations for improved results.

Throughout the year, we must consistently employ these metrics to assess and, when necessary, make adjustments to assure the quality and quantity of progress for individuals and groups of district students, teachers, schools, and programs. In short, we must acknowledge what research has consistently demonstrated: Schools that analyze and use data/information about their students and school communities make better decisions about how to improve student achievement and about what changes might have the most positive impact on the students we teach.

Goal 7: To Sustain Improvement Over Time

Develop and implement plans to ensure the varied elements contributing to school district success (increased student achievement) are both monitored and consistently evaluated for their impact on continuous improvement efforts.

Many elements contribute to the success of the school district. Identifying each element and a means of accurately evaluating its specific impact on student achievement is critical to the institution’s sustainability. Human capital and how best to deploy it, digital tools and how best to distribute them, as well as NM’s brick and mortar infrastructure are all of critical importance to the school district’s ability to support the effective and efficient delivery of educational programs. Determining which elements have the most impact and merit a greater allocation of limited economic resources will challenge the school district’s sustainability.

Goal 8: Provide a Safe and Productive Learning Environment

Build a foundation for success with facilities that support 21st century learning.

Our school facilities are an essential part of each child’s educational experience. NM facilities not only create the space in which students and staff work and learn, but also one where our students are safe and secure. As we continue to renew and improve our facilities, we will ensure that our buildings, technology, and open spaces create an environment that supports 21st century educational programs and goals.

Goal 9: Communicate, Collaborate, and Build Consensus

Develop and implement communication and collaborative strategies that enable the District to build consensus regarding how best to address the educational needs of the NM community.

Involving stakeholders in the work of the school district is essential to its success. To accomplish this involvement, the District must not only provide stakeholders with accurate and timely information, but also solicit from this group ideas, opinions, and concerns. Doing so arms the District with the input necessary to support students both within and outside of the classroom.

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